A Little Friday Wisdom: Life Lessons from Our Clients

Since we have gained such a wealth of wisdom from a decade of working with wonderful people, we have decided to continue posting some of these nuggets that have so inspired us.

This week's quote is from our dear friend Dorothy Nielsen England, whose book Grace and Gratitude we completed last fall. (We have worked with Dorothy for years now, as we helped put together her husband Talmage Nielsen's personal history, Living in Harmony with His Teachings, after his passing.) Dorothy is the most glamorous woman I know, of any age. She is also a warm-hearted, sincere, and generous with her many talents.

I think the key to successful aging is to pay as little attention to it as possible (even though the step is a little slower and the balance a little precarious) to go forward celebrating the future.  ~ Dorothy Nielsen England

Thanks, Dorothy!

Dorothy Nielsen England with her daughter Claudia.

Dorothy Nielsen England with her daughter Claudia.