Writing Challenge Day 8: Inspiration

Just joined us? Jump in where you are. Don't feel you have to catch up, or to go back and start at the beginning. Just work on today's assignment. For more information about the challenge, read this post.


What nobler effort could there be than to attempt to shed some light on the frightening, generous ways of the world, even if it’s a ha’ penny’s worth? We all read memoirs—all books, in fact—to discover pieces of ourselves on the page, to feel less alone. To comfort a stranger, rather than to flaunt oneself: this is the memoirist’s highest hope.
— Sara Mansfield Taber

If you feel so inspired, write about whatever comes into your head. Or take a day of rest from your writings.

We hope this first week of the challenge has been reflective and even fun for you. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below!


  • Don't like today's topic? Not everything in the challenge will fit your life or circumstances. Pick something else from the archive, this question list, or write more on something you wrote earlier.
  • Don't judge yourself. Don't edit. Just write. You will edit later. Now it's just about getting it down, for your eyes only.
  • If you want to keep going after the 15 minutes are up, go for it! 
  • Have a question or challenge or triumph to share? Feel free to comment below.